Mech Wars


Mechwars shares many common features with other space trading games, but it has it’s uniqueness also. The object of Mechwars so far is to become the most powerful. The player can accomplish this by:

The player may wish to do some basic trading at the start in order to get some Starvacs(the basic monetary unit) together. The player can port at one of the 1000 Bases scattered throughout the universe and buy and sell the three different metals : Lithium Titanium and Alloyis. Their base values are 5,10,15 respectively. The trick is to buy for less and sell for more!

Once the player gains a large sum of starvacs, then he/she may want to invest in some plasma shells for their weapon. These plasma shells can be bought in sector 1,1 for 10 Starvacs/Unit. From there the player can go out and destroy enemy drones and collect a bounty and salvage metals. The ratio of drones to sectors is roughly 1 drone to about every 8 sectors. The payoffs for destroying a drone can be up to 2x the invested price. Every drone that the player kills will result in a Starvac dividend when the maintenance is run. In order to increase your mech’s efficiency the player may consider buying strategic mounts(up to 6 per mech). These mounts can increase the mech effectiveness in moving, fighting, and surviving.

At sector 1,1 there is a casino room, the player can try his/her odds, but sooner or later the player is going to loose.

The player can purchase a planet for 100,000 Starvacs. If the player chooses to invest in metal production mines on the planet, the planet will produce cargo for the owner. In order to defend the planet the player can create fighters on the planet to defend it. Only the owner and his/her teammates will be allowed to land without being attacked!

The player can purchase a Fortress for 300,000 Starvacs 2000 units of Lithium, 1500 Units of Titanium, and 1000 Units of Alloyis. Fortresses are similar to planets, but they ‘eat’ cargo instead of produce it. The player can convert the cargo into shells, shields, photons, and stun bursts. The latter 3 are directly related to the fortress to protect it while the first is used by the player and his/her teammates to aid in destroying drones. The fortress offers protection and acts as a player status symbol.

Appreciation is calculated every time the maintenance is ran. It will give the player .005 of his total worth in Starvacs every day to help the player combat the drones.

The rule of thumb is press the ‘?’ mark to get a help menu. They are located throughout the game.


To play Mech Wars, point your favorite telnet client to or use our handy web based terminal.

Available Scores

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Scores updated nightly-ish as new data is available. Current scores can be found on the BBS.