Door servers update

Greetings! It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted any updates. I’ve been working on quite a bit lately. After about a year I’ve starting working on finishing up my menu code – I’ll soon be updating the menu ANSIs – and there’s the possibility of a BBS name change!

A more obvious change you will probably notice is that I’ve figured out a way to color code the games as to which Door server the’re on. Yellow = BBSLink, Purple = Door Party. If they’re uncolored that means they’re hosted locally at Capitol Shrill.

The reasoning of this is because I’m looking to offload as many of the more popular games to the door servers. This way if someone does want to play, they’re going to be seeing an active game. Some, like LORD, will have a local game, a Door Party game, and a BBSlink – that’s because I feel each iteration is unique in configuration so I feel like it’s warranted to leave the options. For games like BRE, Global War, I wasn’t running a local copy that I felt was different enough to justify keeping a local version running.

I will also be keeping local options of games that I have registered, like Lunatix.