Bazooka Of The Red Dragon (B.O.R.D.)

BORD stands for Bazooka of the Red Dragon.

You might call BORD a LORD Clone, because that’s what it it. However, there are many LORD clones out there; BORD is different because it does not just COPY LORD, it MAKES FUN of it too! Plus, as BORD has progressed, it has gathered many more features that make it recognizable as its own, stand-alone, game. Because of its similarity to LORD, there is no new plot to learn, no new keys to look for–very easy to play!

But it is by no means simple, and contains many areas for your advanced gamers to look forward to.

BORD combines multi-player combat, messaging, and other ways of interacting in a colourful, user friendly, online environment (although it can also be played locally without a BBS). It will take anywhere from 2 to 15 minutes of user time each day the user plays. For MULTINODE systems, users must wait until the current player is finished playing before they are allowed in (we had all kinds of problems with true MUD capability). While they are waiting, they can play a BORD-ish arcade game, and BORD will notify them when the other player is done.

Each player is expected to play every once and a while to keep the game interesting, preferably once per day. This adds to the overall competitiveness of the game, and makes things interesting. However, many computerized players will add to the game if only a few people are playing.

To play Bazooka Of The Red Dragon (B.O.R.D.), point your favorite telnet client to or use our handy web based terminal.
There are no scores available for this game via the website. (Yet?)